The Best Surprise Ever

After living at Blossom Place for 3 months, I was finally permitted to go back home to Edmonton for a short visit. I doubted whether I was ready to leave the comfort and safety of my recovery house, but they assured me that it was time and that I had earned it! One of the most exciting parts of this trip was getting to surprise my mom.

My mom raised me on her own and we’re as close as they come. Although she doesn’t have any experience with ED, she has her own history with addiction so she understands the challenge of what I’ve been going through and the importance of recovery.

A few days before my trip, we spoke on the phone and I convinced her that it would probably be another month before I would be allowed to come for a visit. I was literally jumping with excitement and I wanted to tell her right then and there, but I bit my tongue and omg it was so worth it. I filmed the entire thing, and seeing her face when I opened the door was the best thing ever. I am SO grateful for moments like these and the blessings of a life beyond ED.

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