About Me

⚘ My body is brilliant

She hid in fear and cut her wings, unable to see her beauty. With love and time, she grew them back, flying into newness.

I have struggled with anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating in varying degrees for about ten years, and the fact that almost no one knew this about me gives a lot of insight into this disorder. I kept it hidden out of fear, shame, and confusion.

For a long time, I didn’t even realize what I was dealing with or that it was a problem, particularly because it didn’t just happen overnight. It developed slowly, starting with small seeds scattered in my awareness until I was completely consumed by weeds. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t entirely ignorant to what was happening, but I didn’t realize the extent to which it had me.

It wasn’t until 2019 that it became unmanageable. I can’t explain how or when it happened, but at some point, a switch went off and I was no longer in control. I spiralled fast and hard, and within a year I was forced to quit my job and go into treatment.

Fast forward three months, and I’m on an entirely new path. My temporary home is in Nanaimo, BC at Blossom Place Recovery House for Eating Disorders and Addictions. Living at Blossom has been one of the biggest blessings for my recovery and reclaiming my life. As it turns out, my body knows a lot more than I do. All I have to do is deeply listen and let her heal!

Beyond my eating disorder…

In case you were wondering, there’s a whole lot more to me than my illness!

WIFE I am blessed to be married to an amazing man from Denmark. Lasse has seen me at my absolute best and my absolute worst, all through my eating disorder and out the other side. I couldn’t be more grateful to have him by my side.

TEACHER I received my Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education in 2012, and have been teaching elementary ever since! I taught a variety of subjects and homerooms while specializing in K – 7 music.

MUSICIAN I am passionate about all forms of music, creativity and expression. I’ve dabbled with a variety of instruments, but my biggest loves are singing, piano, and cello.

SPEAKER I am passionate about meeting with others, sharing my story and speaking my truth.

BAKER Not to brag or anything, but I’m a damn good baker. I got into it about two years ago and haven’t stopped. I love the creative element of decorating, and it’s an excellent test of my patience and perfectionism 😉

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